Malaysia’s Mobile Social Gaming Gains Higher Momentum With Celcom Game Hero Tournament Kill Shot Legacy

Winners walk away with RM300,000 in cash prizes

KUALA LUMPUR, 11th April 2018 - Techninier Sdn. Bhd., a leading mobile social gaming platform provider today in collaboration with Celcom Axiata Berhad completed the Celcom Game Hero Kill Shot Legacy Tournament with two intensive rounds of live gaming sessions. Kill Shot Legacy is a mobile game developed locally by Techninier. A total of ten finalists battled it out through eight game mastery challenges to get their share of the total cash prize amount of RM 300,000.

The winner, Teoh Khay Sheng, 24, took home the dream cash prize of RM100,000 with an impressive high score achieved within an hour of the live gaming session. 2nd prize winner, Wajib Bin Nasil, 31, was awarded RM60,000 in cash and 3rd prize of RM40,000 cash prize went to Mohd Farhan Bin Hassin, 29.

The tournament also rewarded those who achieved 4th-6th placing with RM10,000 each and 7th to 9th placing received RM5,000 each. Consolation prizes were also announced at RM2,000 for 10 winners and RM1,000 for 30 winners.

“We are very excited at the record number of participants for this round of the Game Hero Tournament which has increased by more than 50%. The last four months have been a true testament to Malaysians love for mobile social gaming” shared Dato’ Lion Peh, Chief Executive Officer of Techninier Sdn Bhd.

Kill Shot Legacy is an intense first person shooting game that takes place across varied time zones that include the Old West, an Alien Zone, Military Base and the Future.

While the Celcom Game Hero Kill Shot Legacy comes to an end today, Techninier is continuing the next tournament with another new exciting game, Endless Trials.

This game was developed with simplicity and of course Malaysians never ending love for sports in mind. Endless Trials holds the format of a televised sports show in which silly animals brave the deadliest of trials in hopes to take home the coveted “mystery prize” for their country. Fits the passion shown by the mobile gamers that have been seen throughout this tournament.

The Celcom Game Hero Tournament Endless Trials is currently available for download on Google Play and App Store. For more information, please visit

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